Super Simple Tiramisu


Roasted Tomato Soup


Interview with Adam from DubTub


2 DIYs with Wood & Copper


No Sew Leather Envelope Clutch


DIY Beeswax Food Wrap 


Black Bean Dye + Japanese Shibori


Chit-Chat and Gin Caesars 


Tour of BNE's Coolest Comic Book Store


Kitty Gang Tries Australian Snacks



Mother's Day gift idea? Or a personal DIY project to help you stay in bed all day long. 


Poached Pear & Kitty Cocktail

Eat yo wine in dessert form! It’s healthy if it’s in a fruit, right ? right! Plus a Kitty Cocktail recipe —our twist on the classic gin and juice. 


Cement Planter Pots

Have you ever wondered how much fun you could have with a 20 kg bag of cement? Well, we were curious. Here's our first DIY project we filmed just for you! 


Hi! We are Kitty Gang :)

We're Kat and Katy and we are Kitty Gang! 2 Canadian girls drinking wine and making shit in our spare time.