Red Wine Poached Pear

Red Wine Poached Pear - Kitty Gang


• Peeled Bartlett Pears
• Red Wine
• Water
• Sugar
• Cloves
• Cinnamon Sticks
• Candied Peanuts
• Maple Syrup

Wine Poached Pear - Kitty Gang

1. wine + water + spices

This has to be the easiest dessert recipe that will trick your dinner guests into thinking you have all the mad skills. 

You're going to mix equal parts wine and water. You can use either red or white wine. We chose the cheap stuff that comes from a glamours box. Once the 50/50 mix has heated up you will add a healthy amount of sugar (if you desire the end product to be sweeter add more). Add a cinnamon stick (or ground cinnamon if you're poor like us) and whole cloves. Bring to a simmer.

Wine Poached Pear - Kitty Gang

2. submerge the pears

Gently place pears into the simmering wine mix. (If you splash yourself... it will hurt, and if you are wearing white... it will stain) 

Wine Poached Pears - Kitty Gang

3.Cook pears

Simmer pears on low heat for approx 3 hours or until tender when fork or knife is inserted. 

Wine Poached Pear - Kitty Gang

4. plate your pear

Now to plate your pear. You have free range to plate this dish how ever you wish! We chose to serve it in the poaching liquid, with candied peanuts and good ol MAPLE SYRUP. You can slice a thin layer off the bottom so the pear stands straight or cut in half to showcase the beautiful contrast in colour. 

Wine Poached Pears - Kitty Gang Show

5. Serve + Enjoy


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