DIY Cement Planter Pots

DIY Cement Planter Pots - Kitty Gang

We didn't know how much fun a 20 kg bag of cement could be until we started this project (oh all the things we could make!) Cement is inexpensive, easy to use, and the results are one-of-a-kind and edgy. As plant-lovers, pots are something we are always in need of, so we thought we'd start with this easy tutorial. Be warned: it's an incredibly addicting project!!



• Easy Mix: Quick-Set Cement
• Water
• 2 sets of moulds that inlay
• Vegetable oil
• Paint (we used acrylic, exterior paint, and chalk paint) 
• Small rocks or glass beads
• Soil
• Plants of choice

DIY Cement Planter Pots - Cement Consistency

1. Cement consistency

We eye-balled our mixture of water to cement in a container aiming for a smooth peanut butter consistency. The cement we bought from Bunnings claims to set and dry within 20-30 minutes, but it didn't. We figured that it was because of the humidity in Brisbane, so we let our cement set overnight.

DIY Cement Planter Pots - Oiling Containers

2. oil your moulds

If you want your cement planter to release from the moulds, don't forget this step! Spray or brush your moulds with any cooking oil you have on hand to help the dried cement release easier. 

DIY Cement Planter Pots - Inside mould

3. pour & set

In our 4-5 rounds of making these pots (seriously, it's addicting) we used boxed wine to milk jugs and takeaway food containers as moulds. The outside mould that worked best for us was this short cylindrical food container.

Here you see us using a plastic cup for the inside mould- don't do it! Use a takeaway paper coffee cup instead. We had to burn the plastic out of the cement (we don't recommend doing that). 

DIY Cement Planter Pot - Keep mould in place

4. weigh it down

The inside mould is going to want to float to the top of the mixture, so weigh it down or tape it, like we did here, to keep it in place while it sets.

DIY Cement Planter Pots - Dried Planter

4. Let it dry

Once you release the your planter from the mould, it will still have some moisture in it so let it air-dry for a couple hours before painting. 

DIY Cement Planter Pots - Kitty Gang - Paint

5. pick your paint

We purchased sample sizes of exterior paint from Bunnings which ran about $10 each but feel free to use acrylic paint. We opted for the exterior paint because we wanted a matte finish (acrylic tends to dry with a gloss finish) and guessed that this paint will hold up longer than acrylic if left outdoors. 

DIY Cement Planter Pots - Kitty Gang - Soil

6. layer for drainage


Because we didn't put drainage holes at the bottom of these planters, we have to add a layer of rocks or glass beads in the pot for the water settle to prevent root rot. 

Once you've planted your succulent, make sure the soil is damp and place in a sunny spot in your home. 



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