No Sew Leather Envelope Clutch

No Sew Leather Envelope Clutch Tutorial

Whenever I'm in need of inspiration, I love browsing art supply shops and fabric stores. We lived blocks away from The Fabric Store off of James Street. It's easily the most beautiful fabric shop I've ever visited— a fabric junky's dream! 

They have everything from high-quality denim, gorgeous silks, Liberty prints, and top quality Australian and New Zealand leathers. 

We love a good bargain bin and we found this 70cm x 50 cm salvage piece of mustard yellow leather for only $36, and we knew just what to do with it! 



• Leather (Vinyl or a thick denim would work too!) 
Button stubs/ Grommets 
• Leather punch
• Fabric shears or an Exacto blade & cutting mat
• Template

No Sew Leather Clutch tutorial supplies 2.jpg


No Sew Leather Tutorial Step 1.jpg


Working with the leather wrong side up, trace the template using tailor's chalk or a pen. If you cut very close to the pen markings, the ink won't be an issue on your finished project. 

No Sew Leather Clutch tutorial Step 2.jpg


Using sharp scissors or an Exacto blade and cutting mat, cut out your pattern. 

To get straight lines, I find it easier if I move the mat and fabric around my work surface so that I'm cutting in downstrokes or horizontal strokes from left to right. 

No Sew Leather Clutch Step 3.jpg

Mark your holes

Using a pen, I marked where my first hole is going to be. This is where we're going to feed the button stud through, so make sure it will overlap all three layers. 

No Sew Leather Clutch Step 4.jpg

Adjust your leather punch to the correct size of your button stubs. This first hole will be the guide for where you'll punch your next holes to screw in your button stud. 

No Sew Leather Clutch Step 5.jpg

These button studs are super easy to work with. Place the male piece inside of the bag face up, and feed the holes through. Secure the three layers by screwing the button top.

No Sew Leather Cluch Step 6.jpg

To make sure your envelope is going to close over top of that button, I held off punching the last hole till the button stud was assembled.

Just make sure you adjust the leather punch to accomodate the larger size of the button stud. 

Add a tiny slit to that new hole with your scissors or blade so that easily slips over top, and you're done! 

Full Size Clutch Template.jpg

I added an extra stud underneath the stud that held the bag together as an extra embellishment (I accidentally mucked up and placed one of the holes a little too low for the top flap—no one else needs to know!) 


I would try this tutorial again with a thick denim or a clear vinyl material next, and I'd love to make a new laptop case. 

If you end up making this super easy clutch or the card holder, please tag us on Instagram @weare.kittygang we’d love to see what you make!  


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