Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps


According to Greenpeace Australia, the average Australian produces up to 1.5 tonnes of waste in a year!

Most of this is plastic packaging and food waste, which is why Kitty Gang is jumping on board with plastic-free July

We're trying to be more conscious of our plastic use and find ways we can eliminate unnecessary plastic waste where we can. 

This DIY is super easy, looks great in your kitchen and lunch bag, and will reduce single-use plastic wrap in your household. You'll want to make heaps for yourself and gift them to everyone you know. 


• Cotton fabric
• Cheese grater
• 2 Sheets of parchment paper
• Iron & Ironing board 

You can use regular beeswax for this tutorial, but we used a blend of beeswax, oil, and tree resin by an Australian company, Sustomi.

The oil helps make the finished wrap less gummy in texture and the tree resin helps prevent the wax from cracking.

You can always try to create your own mixture, but in my past experience, tree resin is difficult to work with because it's THE STICKIEST substance on earth.


Supplies DIY Beeswax wrap - Sustomi.jpg

Wash & Cut Fabric To Size

You can have a lot of fun picking your fabrics with all the fun prints available. I just found these in the bargain bin at my local craft store for $4 and re-purposed my partner's ill-fitting dress shirt. 

Make sure you give your fabric a wash when you bring it home from the shop to remove any dust, starches, and other chemicals. 

I've cut my fabrics into different sizes, keeping in mind the different things I normally cover with plastic wrap—bowls, cheese, fruit, veggies, sandwiches, and wraps etc...

DIY wax food wrap.jpg

Grate your wax

I didn't worry about using my kitchen cheese grater to prep my wax. Beeswax is considered safe for human consumption and contains antibacterial properties which makes it great as a food wrap, reducing risks of contamination. 

Beeswax is notoriously difficult to clean off of surfaces. I found that boiling hot water onto my cheese grater before scrubbing with soap easily cleaned the residue off my cheese grater. 

DIY beeswax wrap.jpg

Spread your wax evenly

Overtop of a sheet of parchment paper, lay your fabric and sprinkle your grated wax evenly overtop of your fabric. 

It's best to start light because you can always add more wax.

DIY beeswax foodwrap instructions.jpg

Iron to melt the wax

Set your iron on high, and sandwich your fabric and wax between two sheets of parchment paper. 

Use the edges of the iron to spread the melted wax evenly into the fabric. 

If you have a peek and see spots on the fabric that aren't shiny, add more wax. 

DIY Beeswax wraps.JPG

Dry & Clean

I set my wraps over a hanger, and they were dried and good to go within minutes. 

To clean your wraps, simply wash with soap and cold water to prevent the wax from melting. 

DIY beeswax foodwrap tutorial.jpg

If you make these food wraps, please tag us on Instagram @weare.kittygang we’d love to see what you make!  


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