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Kat and Katy's June Favourites

You’ll find our list of favourites are filled with inspiration for Katy and my new summer hobby, analog photography. When you feel like summer is flying by, there’s something about capturing these moments on film that makes you feel like you’re slowing down time.

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Analog Photography with Box Speed

We’ve just started a summer hobby — analog photography! We interview Nick Ross and Sam Lee from Box Speed, an online analog photography collective. In this interview they share how they got started with the art, tips to help you get started, and diving into the online analog photography community.

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Kat and Katy's October Favourites


The last couple of weeks have been hectic for us over here at KG HQ. With Kat moving over to the West Coast (west coast-best coast). Katy working two jobs (not nearly as glamorous as one would imagine).

Worry not though, we are back and over the moon happy to share our list of October Favourites with you all!!

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