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Hey gang, we’re loving the autumn vibes here in Canada. September has been a whirlwind of a month for the both of us. We had both just moved back to Canada, so we were quite busy settling in and visiting with friends and family.

Katy visited Kat in Calgary, and we collaborated with DubTub Inc to host an event for local Calgary creatives to network and launch the newest addition to the Dub Tub brand, the Tiki Bar.

I’m confident that the event was the COLDEST Tiki Party in history, but everyone who came out made the event feel so heart warming, and it was truly inspiring to see so many creative people coming together to support each other.

Here’s our September favourites list. You can tune in later this week on IG where we’ll be chit-chatting about what’s coming up next for the both of us and talking more about what we were obsessing over in September.


Instagram Accounts


VanCity Wild


The trio of Brie, Reuben and their wee bubba Oliver are living their best lives here on the West Coast of Canada.

“We are west coastin’ PNW adventurers; followers of trails, climbers of mountains, wilderness wanderers, and true lovers of life”

Van City Wild has strictly curated their Instagram feed in the most beautiful way possible. The lush lifestyle photographs that they have been posting are such an inspiration for any city-dweller to get their butt in gear and head outside. They have managed to capture the grace and charm of camping as well as short day hikes- don’t worry though they share every location with the hopes that we will head out that way and see the beauty first hand and not just through a screen.



Sha'an d'Anthes


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Sunday fun-day in the studio 🌞

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Sha’an d’Athes is a Sydney based illustrator, artist, and author. I came across her art on Youtube earlier this year and was instantly obsessed with her style and personality.

I love watching her in-studio work process and her journey in the Australian art community from the hard-work behind illustrating her latest children’s book, Zoom to holding the card copy in her hands and then going to conferences to speak about her work!

She’s a huge inspiration to me—and what’s not to love about her colourful, quirky Instagram feed?





This podcast is totally fitting, now that we’re getting into the Halloween season. Lore is written and produced by Aaron Mahnke and in each episode, he examines historical events that exposes the darker side of human nature through the lens of folklore.

This podcast feels like you’re listening to stories shared around a campfire and I have binge-listened to over 70 episodes last month!

If you’re a fan of history and spooky stories, this podcast is for you!





Time Magazine: Your Brain on Creativity

The Science of Creativity. Time Magazine.

This month has kind of been an amazing crazy whirlwind of things, so I wasn’t able to finish an entire book, but having the chance to visit Kat in Calgary gave me time on the bus and airplanes to ready one of Time Magazine’s newest edition: Your brain on creativity.

This whole magazine from cover to cover had me engaged and thoroughly captivated. It was such a wonderful way to downplay certain artists (in a positive way) to show you that they were normal humans just like you and me- the only difference was their outlook on life. They pick apart Leonardo’s genius and show that it was brought on by his own will and ambition. It was a nice read for anyone that struggles with imposter syndrome. You are your own individual and as long as you put in the work something great will come from it.

Favourite Quote: Seek knowledge for its own sake- Not all knowledge needs to be useful. Sometimes it should be pursued for pure pleasure.


How to Be Everything - Emilie Wapnick

If you’re a creative, you probably have many different interests and projects on the go, all the time. Having a broad range of curiosities and projects doesn’t make you a “jack-of-all-trades” and “master of none.”

Just because you’re not specialised in a certain “niche” or discipline doesn’t mean you’re doing life wrong, or that you’re flighty. Wapnick calls us “multipotentialites” —someone with many interests and creative pursuits.

This isn’t a new idea; Leonardo Da Vinci was an inventor, painter, mathematician, architect, and cartographer —to name only a few of his interests. Lewis Carroll, known as the author of Alice in Wonderland, was also a mathematician, photographer, and Anglican Deacon.

This book is based on her popular Ted Talk “Why some of us don’t have a true calling.” As a career coach, she diverts from the conventional career advice and provides a practical framework for building a sustainable life around all your creative pursuits.





Campbell Valley Regional Park/

Moose Mountain

Shaggy mane Trail.

Shaggy mane Trail.

 I have two for this past month. I was fortunate enough to have the time to have gone on two hikes. The first one being in Vancouver. The Campbell Valley Regional Park is a hidden gem just outside of Langley Vancouver.

The park has a total of 29 km of trails with some multi-use paths that are shared with horseback riders, such as the long Shaggy Mane Trail that wraps most of the perimeter edges of the park.

When you start the Shaggy Mane Trail, it is a bit off-putting due to the fact that for the first 15-20 minutes you are quite close to a busy road and it disrupts the ambiance, but once you cross that point and the trail turns more inward the only sounds you hear are the crunching of leaves under your feet.

The second hike that I went on was outside Calgary called Moose Mountain located in Kananaskis Country. This hike was supposed to be an easy afternoon stroll with a view of Calgary's city line as an ever enticing reason to summit.

That, however, was not the case. When we first embarked on this journey, it was typical fall weather, chilly and raining. When we four finally admitted defeat and were heading home, it was a white-out from all the snow. My first hike in Calgary and the first one with snow is something I won’t soon forget.


Tokyo Street Market

922 Centre Street N.E. 
Calgary, T2E 2P7

Ke Charcoal Grill & Kinjo Sushi have teamed up to bring Tokyo Street Market into fruition off of centre street NE Calgary. It’s inspired by the Tokyo’s street markets— You can find popular snacks for sale and sit down to dine for $7 bowls of ramen, $5 takoyaki (octopus balls), $5 yakitori (meat skewers) with Japanese beers and sake. It’s delicious, inexpensive, and a different dining experience in Calgary.


Beauty & Wellness


Bobby Brown Face Primer

Face Base

This oil-free formula combines the moisturizing power of Shea Butter with Vitamins B, C and E. It is one of  Bobbi Brown bestseller—a primer plus moisturizer for smooth makeup application. This oil-free face formula, with Shea Butter, instantly hydrates, softens and cushions skin.


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