Katy’s Become a Morning Person Challenge

Jillian Harris Preset ‘Family LOVE’

Jillian Harris Preset ‘Family LOVE’

Do you hate mornings, but secretly wish you woke up at the butt-crack of dawn loving life and checking off your to-do list before everybody else is even awake?

If you caught Kat and I doing our Instagram Live where we chatted about our Feb Faves, Katrina mentioned that she has a Monday morning routine where she sits at her desk, drinks a coffee and reads her inspiring newsletter subscriptions for articles that fuel her motivation for the week.

I also happen to know that she does a million other things in the morning — from walking Gus, making a hearty breakfast, and somedays manages to squeeze in a workout.

Most of that is done before I even wake up in the morning.

I usually don’t start being ‘productive’ until 11:30 —That's 2.5 hours after I have woken up!!

That’s actually really embarrassing to admit out loud.


I’m not saying that I’m lazy or unproductive, I just want to shift when I get my best work done — I want to be a morning person!

As of late, we have been talking a lot about productivity, and I was struggling to come up with something that I wanted to write about — so instead, I am proposing a productivity challenge! And I invite you to join me if this is something you’re looking to work on too.

Kats desk

Choosing What to Put on Your List

What do you want to get done in the morning? You want to choose tasks that are going to keep you motivated, but not be so overwhelming that you struggle to get out of bed.

If you’re an evening/ night owl (to be honest I feel like a sloppy seagull most days), then this is our chance to re-set your habits!

I’m not saying that we all need to be waking up at 4:30 with the sunrise.

Think about those days (perhaps every day for some) where you wake up to the morning, hit snooze a couple of times, roll out of bed and rush through your whole morning regiment in a fluster just to get to work on time.

This challenge will be about experimenting with new morning habits that will encourage us to get our butts into gear right away and make our morning much more enjoyable so that you are switched on and ready to be productive earlier.  

No more endless scrolling on my phone after I have snoozed my alarm for the 10th time or sleeping until the last possible moment to then have to run out the door while brushing my teeth.


1. Write a List of 3 Things I Want to Accomplish for the Day

Setting daily goals helps me organise my day. It helps me visualise my morning so I can tackle them early on so I may have the rest of the day to go exploring/ craft/ cook — basically anything that makes my heart happy.

Healthy Breakfast

2. Make a Healthy Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My hands-down favourite breakfast is a piece (or two) or cold pizza and an extra large coffee.

This needs to change.

By kickstarting my mornings with a healthy breakfast, I can tackle my “accomplish” list by properly fuelling my body with the energy to think clearly and feel good.

3. Make a Gratitude List

Too often we take what we have for granted.

Writing out a daily gratitude list (perhaps while I eat my healthy breakfast), I am not only stimulating my brain but doing so in a positive way that can carry me throughout the day. If for some reason that it cannot — well then I have my list that I can look back on!

Yoga on the beach

4. Stretch or practice Yoga

I really like yoga. It is one of those things that anyone can do, no matter your skill level. Getting a practice in the morning helps awaken up your mind and body. It is something that I do for my self-care.

In the craziness of the last little while, I have really let it slip. That being said, no better time than the present to start again.

5. Fold/ Hang My Laundry

This is something everyone is a little bit guilty of. An item of clothing that is too clean to be washed just gets tossed on the chair, or in my case, the shelf. I tend to take my clothes from the day and just lay them on the shelf.

This is the last thing I see before I go to sleep and the first thing that I see in the morning.

A chef that I worked for used to say “messy bed, messy head”.

How can I expect to be organised and motivated in my life if I cannot even keep my clothes organised?

I am hoping that by adding this to my list to be done in the mornings I will be more aware in the evenings and just do it then.

My List vs. Your List

The beauty of my list is that it is going to be different from yours. You could have a few similar items, but the intentions that you have can be completely different.

A few things that could be considered for your list are;

  • Squeezing in a workout

  • Drink 2 cups of water before you leave the house

  • Listen to an audiobook or podcast

  • Read a book

  • Make your own coffee instead of buying one

  • Make your own lunch to take to work

  • Write in your journal

  • Make your bed and open your curtains

I know that not everyone is an early morning person, but no matter what time you’re getting up — you want to squeeze every bit out of the day that you can.

Katy @ James st

This is the call to action for all the sluggish ‘morning’ people like me…

We are going to get our butts into gear, and what better way to do then with a fun challenge and creating a checklist (I am very excited for this part).

I challenge anyone willing to make a monthly list with a minimum of 5 things you wish to do to make your morning routine more productive.

Let’s hold each other accountable!!

I am going to be posting on Kitty Gangs Instagram Story (and adding it to our highlights) to show everyone that I can do this!

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