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Analog Photography with Box Speed

We’ve just started a summer hobby — analog photography! We interview Nick Ross and Sam Lee from Box Speed, an online analog photography collective. In this interview they share how they got started with the art, tips to help you get started, and diving into the online analog photography community.

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Interview with Jamie from Scandinazn

Sitting at a small cafe on West 4th ave in Vancouver, I was able to have a chat with Jamie, the mastermind behind Scandinazn! We talk about what it means to be your own boss and have to schedule tedious tasks- she shares her secret tip on making it more enjoyable (something that I will be putting into practice) and the amazing success that she is having on Etsy. Our first Vancouver maker interview is one that you will want to give a read!

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Interview With Debra Hilda Hood

Debra Hilda Hood is most recognisable for vibrant Brisbane cityscapes capturing the colour and life of the city in full bloom starring the iconic “Queenslander” homes. Her work can also be seen decorating the city she’s inspired by with painted poles, traffic boxes, and murals.

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