Kat and Katy's November Favourites

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We’re excited to share our November favourites with you especially with Christmas around the corner, we can help you find the perfect gift for someone special—or treat yourself!

Check out our previous July, August, September and October faves for some unique gift ideas.


Instagram Accounts


The OCD in me finds Lucy’s arrangements of everyday objects by Pantone cards incredibly soothing. A friend of mine introduced me to @lucialitman after we talked about this book I loved called The Secret Lives of Colour— It’s about the unassuming history of the colours we all know and love written by brilliant design journalist, Kassia St Clair.

This Instagram account isn’t new to me, but I’ve come to appreciate the account again—Lucy is fashionable and hilarious. She has this photo series where she posts her #ootds next to trash cans, and I love it.



I honestly don’t even know where to start with Yannis... I AM OBSESSED (and secretly have been for a while).

This sassy human is an incredible dancer, choreographer, and fashion —his heels are to DIE FOR @brian_atwood you need to sponsor this legend!!

In 2014, Yannis appeared as a finalist in Britain’s Got Talent along with colleagues, Arnaud and Mehdi. Although he didn’t win, his talent was most definitely recognised. He has since travelled around the world to promote his passion.

When it’s 3 am and you cannot sleep, I highly recommend getting lost on his Instagram watching his captivating dancing videos.





This Podcast series is new to me, and my partner recommended I start with this episode where hosts Tony Creech and Dr. Scott Francis—leaders in career coaching and marketing—discuss the importance of memes for a cooperative society.

What is a meme, and who is that lady in it

And no, not these memes.

Long before memes were hilarious and relatable texts over stock images, evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins coined the word “meme” in 1976 to explain the phenomenon of the viral spreading of ideas within a culture.

It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re looking to foster a healthy work culture at your office or are growing a team for your small business.



TED TALKS DAILY: November 28 Episode: 100 solutions to reverse global warming| Chad Frischmann.


Chad has tackled the daunting task to talk about global warming— trying to explain how serious this issue still is and introduces us to a hypothetic solution called “drawdown”.

He shares some new ideas that everyone can implement into our everyday lives.

“Learn more about how we can reverse global warming and create a world where regeneration, not destruction, is the rule”

An awesome listen for anyone and everyone, environmental change needs to happen now!




Rupi Kaur is an Indian-born Canadian poet and illustrator. The Sun and Her Flowers is her second collection of poetry and illustrations after Milk and Honey— both #1 New York Times best-selling books.

The Sun and Her Flowers addresses heartbreak, healing, and honouring one’s ancestry— every poem, though short and sweet, was captivating.

It’s not very often I feel so strongly about words on a page, but this work is something special. I highly recommend it, and I think it’s her best work yet. Katy and I are looking forward to watching Kaur perform her poetry next week in Vancouver!




Kitty Gang Instagram Story- By Kat

Kick your Instagram stories up a notch with Unfold. Unfold has easy-to-use templates and fonts that allow you to insert multiple photos and videos into the vertical Instagram story frame.

Be warned— it’s extremely addicting!



Udemy has the worlds largest online course selection!

No matter what you want to learn or the pace that you absorb information at, with over 80,000 video courses to choose from, your educational needs are endless.

If you are someone who enjoys learning new things and honing the skills that you already have, then this is the website to use! To be totally honest, I want to take about 50 of the courses and just learn some amazing skills that could come in handy one day.



Beauty & Wellness


My colleague is an amateur boxer who invited me and some co-workers to a women’s only boxing class in Gastown, Vancouver.

I’ll admit I was apprehensive about the class because I didn’t want to make a fool out of my self— but the class ended up being so much fun and such a great workout.

The class’s foundation involved proper punching and pad-work techniques along with calisthenic exercises to build cardio stamina and strength.

I’m glad I didn’t come up with an excuse to bail on this (aren’t we all a little guilty of this sometimes?) because I was able to get out of my comfort zone and experience a new work out that I really enjoyed.



Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

kitty gang november favourites- Olaplex hair perfector


I have been struggling to decide if I want to grow my hair out or to chop it again (help me!) but while I have been tossing back and forth, I have been trying to keep my hair as healthy as possible!

It helps to hold the colour, and maintain frizziness when I don’t have time to blow dry and straighten the mop. Incredibly easy to use, just run it through unwashed, towel dried hair, allow to sit for a minimum of 10 minutes (usually the time it takes me to choose what I am going to wear) then wash out with shampoo and conditioner.

You will not be disappointed!


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