Kat and Katy's January Favourites

Kat and Katy at WeWork

Did anyone else feel like they blinked and January was over?

We sure felt that way here at Kitty Gang!

2019 has already been an amazing whirlwind of an adventure and we cannot wait to share the inspirational resources we enjoyed this past month — we hope you like what made the cut.


Instagram Accounts


Steffi Lynn is an illustrator and hand-lettering wizard based in New York.

I love the affirming messages she creates—“give yourself a high five!” and “the sun will rise & dogs will always be happy to see you”—using bright and interesting colour palettes and whimsical flourishes.

We can get caught up in the hustle—sometimes, we forget to be kind to ourselves and enjoy the hard work we’ve already put in. Her posts are simple reminders that we can create our own nice days.  



I stumbled across _studioemma not too long ago. It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed!

When Kat and I started our Kitty Gang journey, one of our first DIYs was a cement planter pot. We filmed it 3 different times (we got too drunk)—anything that is cement and cute holds a special place in my heart.

After a year of experimenting with recipes and molds within her mother’s humble garden shed, Emma now creates a collection of contemporary concrete products from vessels to sculptures and homeware—each piece is carefully cast by hand in her Edinburgh studio.





That Creative Life - Sara Dietschy: Episode 9 with Jessica Whitaker

This podcast series was also listed in our article, 5 Podcasts That Will Inspire You to Work on Your Side Hustles. I followed Sara Dietschy’s Youtube channel when she first started doing tech reviews, and I’m so excited she’s started this podcast series!

That Creative Life podcast is a “creative exchange” with successful artists and business professionals in creative industries from Youtubing, photography, film-making, and “productivity gurus”.

Jessica Whitaker, is a photographer (and Youtuber I followed obsessively) and a community builder. She’s built a Facebook community called Build and Bloom for photographers to share their work, receive constructive feedback, and gain exposure— it’s wildly successful with over 56K members!

I truly believe in what they discuss here when it comes to building communities online and off for a safe place creatives can feel free to express themselves with like-minded people—that’s our jam too at Kitty Gang!



Real Rebel Podcast

Katie B is by all accounts an average person (her words, not mine) however, what makes her stand out and what makes her pretty damn cool in my books, is the fact that she is uniquely herself and trying her very hardest to inspire others to be themselves.

“I want people to remember who they were when they were kids, and anything was possible. Before we were told to stop dreaming such crazy dreams we were all basically little half-pint rebels, running around with more belief in our dirty-little-pinky finger than most adults have in their entire body.”

If you want to listen to other entrepreneurs and makers, share their tips and tricks without the conversation sounding forced or fake... This is the podcast for you!

Katie recently went through a relaunch, and I have to tell you that I am stoked to see where her journey takes her.





This is a book exactly on what the title describes. Jennifer Romolini held esteemed positions such as chief content officer Shondaland.com, editor-in-chief of HelloGiggles, and editor-in-chief of Yahoo Shine.

Her resume is stacked—she worked her ass off to get to those positions and shares the lessons she’s learned waiting tables to managing projects and people at these huge companies as an awkward, witty, and real human being—because we all fuck-up from time to time; we shouldn’t let those moments define us.



In Her Studio Magazine FEB/MAR/APR 2019: Spaces and Stories of Creative Women

In Her Studio Magazine FEB/MAR/APR 2019: Spaces and Stories of Creative Women

In Her Studio takes readers on tour through the creative spaces and lives of female artists, designers, and makers., Artists showcase the places where they create and the thought processes behind developing their traditional to not-so-traditional work spaces.

Each woman talks about their backstory, give advice and share something quirky about themselves. I LOVE all the podcasts, books, and music that each artist shares — I find myself adding 90% of it!




Photo by Lum3n.com from Pexels

Photo by Lum3n.com from Pexels

Tailwind is a marketing tool for Pinterest and Instagram. It allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and tracks specific data to make sure you’re posting at peak times (for your followers).

They have some amazing features that are free for anyone to use but also have a “PRO” version that is available for $14.99 per month. It gives you everything in the free option along with content discovery, hashtag suggestions and both Pinterest and Instagram training.

I've only been using it for a week, but I’m impressed— And even considering upgrading to the paid subscription.



Explore/ Events


Business Babe Collective —4th Birthday

Business Babes Collective is a global platform of businesswomen from around the world based on collaboration and community. They help women by providing online and offline resources and a community to help them grow their businesses.

Kat and I had the pleasure of attending their 4th birthday event!  It was a fantastic night to connect, learn and be inspired — not only from the panel of speakers but the sponsors and everyone in attendance.

It was amazing to see how an online community can really flourish and grow when it is everyone working together.


Having moved to Vancouver only 3 months ago, one of my new years ‘resolutions’ was to attend networking events to feel the pulse of the city and meet new people.  

I attended scheduled 3 events this month in a week, which was a bit crazy. I’m going to dial it back to 1 a month before I give myself an anxiety attack from awkward introductions and dreadful. yet inevitable small talk.

Nonetheless, my favourite event was hosted by Business Babes Collective for their 4th birthday party.

They organised a panel discussion with internet influencers based in Vancouver. The guests of honours included Izabela a.k.a The Cake Mama, Monika Hibbs, and Youtubers Richie and Cassie of ToThe9s (also big fans of their Youtube channel).

My biggest take away was the amazing community we have here in Vancouver, and how passionate these women are in helping others succeed. If you’re interested in attending one of their events, Business Babes Collectives is hosting a Gal-entine’s day on February 13.  


Business Babe Co 4th Birthday

Beauty & Wellness


Classpass is a flat-rate monthly subscription service (without contracts) for credits to use at a variety of gyms and fitness studios in the city from barre, yoga, strength training, boxing, cycling, and gym drop-ins. It gives me variety in my work-outs and allows me to try different classes and studios around my neighbourhood.

For the price, I think it’s excellent value and you can’t go wrong with a free month trial. Full disclosure, if you sign-up with my code, I’ll get a $40 credit to my account.

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