Kat and Katy's May Favourites

It is a little funny sometimes how life and time really get away from us.

It feels like yesterday that Kat and I said we were going to be more present online and try our best to connect with everyone more — this isn’t to say that we haven't been connecting… we just haven't done it online *facepalm emoji*

We hope that ya’ll understand. We’ve been going through life adjustments and needed a break from social media.

That being said — we will be (at the very least) consistent with sharing our monthly favourites!!

Instagram Accounts

Haley Estrada


If you are looking for some serious fashion inspo, beauty secrets, and drool-worthy insta stories...LOOK NO FURTHER!

Haley shares some amazing insights into how she achieves ‘said’ looks, what she packs for trips abroad (apparently no less than 9 pairs of shoes), and hidden gems (from vintage finds to cafes) that she has so kindly added to her story highlights.

I’ve made mental notes to add her travel suggestions to my itinerary.  

- Katy

Dita W. Yolashasanti


Dita W. Yolashasanti is the pattern designer behind Ditut from Indonesia.  I’ve been following her work from the early days of her design journey on Instagram and have loved watching her art develop.

I’m a huge fan of her whimsical illustration style and the bright colour palettes she matches them with and the process videos she posts of extra crafty projects she has on the go like stamp making, egg painting, and jewelry design.



Science Rules

We Are All Science People

BILL BILL BILL BILL — Bill Nye the Science Guy

My inner child was jumping for joy when I heard about this podcast! The famous Nye graced my television screen all the time growing up. His kids science show was so good, my parents even watched it.

In this podcast, he is joined by co-host Corey S. Powell and an array of specialists to answer questions that listeners call in to ask.


Please excuse me while I listen and fangirl


Bill Nye

The Asian Efficiency

The Productivity Show

This podcast began with two friends who were (and still are) obsessed with finding ways to maximize their time with efficient workflows and started a blog about it. Productivity is a subject I’ve been diving into lately as well as I find myself scrambling to make more time in the day for the people and projects I actually care about.

The founder, Thanh Pham chats with guests about the tools and practices they use for goal setting, time management, and personal development. Start with “Avoiding the 6 Deadly Sins of Productivity: Why Just Doing More Isn’t the Answer”



Flow Magazine

This month I feel like I binged 3 or 4 audiobooks… but didn’t manage to finish any of them!

I used to think that if I started a book I had to finish it — I would avoid even looking at a new book until I finished the one I was on. But something clicked, why am I forcing myself to waste time on something that doesn't speak to me or peak my interest?

So long story short… I don’t do that anymore.

I did, however, read an article in the latest issue of Flow Magazine that struck a cord.

‘Less Snap Happy; More Happy Snap’

The article talks about the importance of film photography, and what it means to be conscious of what we are snapping and perhaps what we aren’t.

“The nice thing about an album with ‘gaps’ in it is that stories can be told to fill those gaps”

I always felt weird if I didn't take a million photos on a night out, almost as if it would seem like I wasn't there. As I’m getting older, I find myself more willing to leave my phone alone and “just be in the moment.”


The Great Mental Models: General Thinking Concepts by Shane Parrish


Shane Parrish is one of my favourite online writers. His blog, Farnam Street and podcast The Knowledge Project explore mental models on how we interact and understand the world. By gaining a better understanding of the world, we’re able to reverse engineer complicated problems and unleash creative ideas.

This book is the first volume of a series on equipping the reader with a toolbox filled with philosophical ideas for problem-solving. His philosophy boils down to understanding different perspectives to make better decisions.

“The more models you have—the bigger your toolbox—the more likely you are to have the right models to see reality.”



Chateau de le Roche-Jagu 

roche jagu
roche jagu and gardens

Recently I was able to visit the historic site called Roche Jagu. The castle was originally built in the 11th century, as a last line of defense for the archipelago islands of Brehat (which then connects to the gulf stream and eventually the ocean).

Having been destroyed in the 13th century, Cathrine de Troguindy came along and rebuilt in 1405, where it was pasted down through generations and families.

Today anyone is welcome to go and learn about its rich history, or see one of the many expositions that it puts on display.

If being indoors isn’t for you, then you are able to walk the grounds surrounding the stronghold. They truly hold some true hidden gems — you might even be able to spot an original horse trough or a linen pool where the maids did the washing.

Sometimes it is easy to forget just how old France really is.



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