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June was when we officially jumped into summertime in the Northern hemisphere. While it may seem like the month whizzed by, we’ve packed a whole lot of life into 30 sunny days. 

There’s no doubt Vancouver is beautiful all year round, but the summer is my favourite season. Vancouver springs to life in this weather, and there’s so much to do — we have mountains, beaches, and street festivals nearly every weekend. 

When people have been dealing with rain and snow for 8 months, they just know how to seize the days the warm weather strikes. 

You’ll find our list of favourites for June are filled with inspiration for Katy and my new summer hobby, analog photography. When you feel like summer is flying by, there’s something about capturing these moments on film that makes you feel like you’re slowing down time. 

I hope your enjoy our June favourites! 

Instagram Accounts

Paige Arminta Watts


If youre anything like me, you look at someone’s Instagram and wonder “how in the heck they managed to capture those shots?” Wonder no more!

In every photo that Paige posts, she shows exactly what goes into “getting the perfect shot”.

I know that I have a bunch of them saved to put to the test in our own photoshoots when Kat and I are together again!

- Katy

Tom Mitchell


Tom Mitchell is a London based photographer. His Instagram account is filled with stunning portrait photography inspiration all captured on film. The feel is very vintage-Vogue, and I’m here for it. 



This Podcast Will Kill You

Ep.25 - Put Your Hands Together For Gonorrhea

Okay, this podcast won't actually kill you… but the things they discuss certainly will.

Hosts Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke have somehow made topics of deadly and grotesque diseases acceptable for dinner table discussions. 

The Erins are the disease version of My Favourite Murder (a favourite here at KG). 

The podcast starts with a cocktail recipe (usually named something similar to the topic) you can sip on while they tell you the history of how/where/when the disease started and lead way into where it is now in the world (eradicated, epidemic, silently waiting for its next victim). 

If you're looking for a binge-worthy podcast that can make you sound smarter and give your table guests the creeps — this is the podcast for you. 



This month has been an absolute GONG SHOW for me, and I haven't even had a chance to look at a book — let alone set aside downtime to read a whole book.

However, I do have time to squeeze in articles. Short, engaging and easy to enjoy, these little snacks are perfect for the car, doing your business in the bathroom, or to be read while you're drinking your morning coffee. 

Here is a list of three articles that I really enjoyed and resonated with me this month:

  1. Do Something No One Will Hear About- Kamga Tshassa  

  2. 9 Photoshop Tricks For Editing Photographs Quickly - Feature Shoot

  3. How to Develop Your Artistic Maturity - Jessica Wildfire 


Analog Photography: A Reference Manual for Shooting FIlm

by Andrew Bellamy

Photo from Kat

This is the perfect book for an introduction to analog photography. It teaches you the fundamental technical features of your analog camera, so you get out and start using it. 

Image from iOS (4).jpg

This manual acts more like a technical guide, so it doesn’t provide any pointers on how to take a good photo. Once you’ve learned to master the features of your camera, the rest is up to experimentation and your creative eye. 




Dihan Tent
Dihan Cabin

If you are in France and want to “get away from it all” I highly recommend visiting Dihan.

Located in Ploemel, Brittany, this 24-acre plot of land offers accommodations varying from suspended tents and wooden tree houses to yurts and gypsy caravans.

Reasonably priced and only a 2 hour drive for me, needless to say — I will be back to visit many times!!


Leo’s Camera Supply
1055 Granville Street, Vancouver B.C.

Leo’s Camera Supply is a must-visit on Granville Street. It’s been around since 1955, and the friendly staff really know their stuff when it comes to photography. 

Leo’s has an awesome collection of vintage cameras, but you can also purchase new cameras, lenses, and gear here too. 

I buy my film from Leo’s. It’s actually cheaper than purchasing the film on Amazon, plus you get to support a rad local business. You can get 10% off when you purchase 10 or more rolls of film, and you can mix-and-match!

Beauty & Wellness

La Montagnette 


The right accessories can always make me feel put together. My June obsession is La Montangette.

My friend, Jenn creates the most beautiful delicate pieces for the “independent, adventurous women.” She hand-makes each piece in Vancouver using fair-trade, environmentally friendly materials. 

The necklace I’m wearing is called the Head In The Clouds Chocker, but I like wearing mine a little longer. It’s made with clear quartz and a recycled sterling silver chain.

I’m also wearing her Silver Linings stackers rings on my ring finger in Textured Lines and Twisted. 

And because I’m obsessed and love to support my friends, I’ve also ordered the Bébé Band with a salt and pepper diamond in a recycled sterling silver band for my pinky finger because you can never have too many rings, right? Right. 

Image from La Montagette

Image from La Montagette



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