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France is a vast country. The fact that it can fit inside of Canada 15.509 times is no reason for its size to be underestimated. For the folks that have never been, or who have only seen France as Paris, allow me to introduce you to the city of Paimpol.

Overlooking Paimpol

Nestled in along the coast, this charming city of roughly 8,000 people has managed to capture my heart.

Blue and white striped shirts and jumpers are speckled along many storefronts. A symbol of pride not only for the sea but also for the region that it calls home, Brittany.

The cobbled streets are lined with restaurants, stores, and eclectic art studios. Many of which draw inspiration from the harbour nearby—the Abbaye de Beauport dates back to 1202 and is one of the main tourist attractions.

The Paimpolians who are fortunate enough to live here all year round are graced every Tuesday with the local organic market.

Fishing and Agriculture remain essential for the Economy of Brittany. With more than 40,000 agriculture explorations, most commonly cattle, pork, poultry, cereals, and vegetables— all that you can find at the weekly market.   

cafe side of main street
paimpol port
Galerie de Lionel Le Calvez

Galerie de Lionel Le Calvez

Spice shop

Sticking with the traditional Breton culture, that has evolved from the protohistoric period, were Celtic tribes that inhabited Brittany. 

People still choose to use the Breton language at home and even teach it at most schools.

If the bustling streets filled with people and cars is too much for you, I suggest hopping on a ferry for a short 10-minute ride to the L’île de Bréhat.

The island is an archipelago composed of two main islands that are only separated at high tide. Less than 400 people inhabit this tiny island where no cars are allowed and the primary source of work is tourism for the many lighthouses that speckle the coast.

Tour de Karroc'h - Built as a good luck charm to watch over the fishermen who went to Iceland in 1860

Tour de Karroc'h - Built as a good luck charm to watch over the fishermen who went to Iceland in 1860

Henrik on dirt road

I know that this was a bit of a factual post, but if we are being honest, the history that surrounds Brittany is captivating to anyone.

How could it not be when it houses some of the world's oldest standing architecture, the Barnenez dating back to 4800 BC.

Either way, the French countryside is spectacular! I believe anyone traveling in Europe should see.

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