Interview with Siobhan McCuskey from Bask Aromatherapy

Siobhan McCuskey from Bask Aromatherapy

I met Siobhan McCuskey at the Finder’s Keepers Market in Brisbane earlier this year— and it’s coming back to Brisbane next month from November 9th-11th. I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you’re thinking about Christmas shopping!

Siobhan makes aromatherapy body products, but they are so much more than soaps and lotions. bask aromatherapy is inspired, designed, and produced in Melbourne Australia.

Everything from the ingredients to the packaging, and even graphic design of her products are sourced ethically. Bask has also committed to planting a tree for every internet order placed with Fifteen Trees to reduce their carbon footprint.

I loved her energy upon meeting her and I’m super excited to be sharing her aromatherapy journey on here with the gang.

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At what point in your life did you first learn about your field of work? What called you to it?

I have always been interested in skin care, in the late 1980s I worked for The Body Shop in London they had just started selling aromatherapy products, that was it...I was hooked.

When you started your company, what were some core values you wanted to incorporate into your business? (I saw online that you hired a local graphic designer, you use responsibly sourced products, and you support tree planting)

Of course, it goes without saying that being an aromatherapist, I am absolutely passionate about the benefits of using essential oils and plant-based ingredients on the skin, mind and in the home.

Other key values are to produce locally and give back, this is why I love to work with other ‘micro’ businesses, have my products made in Melbourne, plant trees, use minimal packaging and are registered to use the Australian Made & Owned logo. The best ingredients are sourced all over the world, from sustainable farms.

Can you describe your biggest “AHA!” Moment or breakthrough with Bask Aromatherapy?

This is a tough question, there have been so many! Actually deciding the name ‘bask’ was a big one as we originally had a name that was already registered, so it actually took many months to find the right name, and a better one!

The word ‘bask’ exactly describes the feeling I want my customers to have when they use the products.

The greatest challenge you’ve overcome or learning to overcome as an entrepreneur?

It is a constant learning curve, as soon as you have conquered one challenge, another instantly appears! Keeping up with the constant changes in social media is enough to make my head spin!

What is one piece of advice you would give someone aspiring to be where you are that they can put into action today?

Just start! Don’t expect to have everything perfect before you launch (you are the only one who knows it’s not perfect shhhh). You will learn and grow with your business, it is a wonderful journey. Be brave.

What do you do to get over creative blocks or moments when you feel uninspired to come up with fragrance blends?

The creative process can be frustrating!

It’s not just creating scents, it’s also writing content, looking for beautiful images and all things to do with a business is creative.

I often just wander off and do something else for a while, like grab my gardening gloves and head outdoors. This helps my mind to unfrazzle and I can come back to the task.

What was your last “Treat Yourself” splurge?

A massage is the ultimate indulgence for me, it’s about the only self-pampering thing I can’t do for myself!

What’s the first thing you do every morning to start your day on the right foot?

I have a cup of tea and sort out my thoughts for the day.

Name your greatest success (or something you’re most proud of) in your business experiences?

A little birdy told me that Judith Lucy loves our ‘relax’ blend.

What is your number one beauty/wellness hack or advice?

Be kind to yourself, you deserve it!

My favourite takeaway from chatting with Siobhan...

I love her brand philosophies and how she stays true to herself in her business.

It’s easy to cut corners here and there in business especially when it comes to logo design and even sourcing ingredients. But It makes the value of your product and the community around your business that much more rewarding.


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