5 Things No One Warns You About Bali


If you are thinking this is going to be like all the other beautiful Bali blog posts, you’re in for a real treat! I am here to tell you a few things that no one warns you about before you jet off. 

1. Burning your ankles

Each day, at first sun rise and sunset Balinese-Hindu women light incense and give offerings to the gods they worship, both above and below. That being said, when offering to the gods below (the underworld) they place the offerings on the ground. The sidewalks are small, uneven, and misshaped; Chances are you’ll bump into a few burning ends and have cooked rice stuck to the bottom of your shoes. 

  2.Bintang will RUIN you

Kitty Gang in Bali - No More Bintang

No, no, it is not a harmless lagar you can casually sip while you stare off into the sunset and reflect on your day. IT IS A SLIPPERY SLOPE. One small Bintang turns into another and another, and the next thing you, know you’ve been casually drunk the whole trip and even the smell of beer triggers your gag reflex. 

You may think that a $10 dollar bottle of airport water and popping two Panadols will magically cure you on your flight home. LIES. It will haunt you for weeks to come. I recommend two days on the couch with pizza to kick off the healing process. 
*Seriously though; your skin,, your digestive tract and possibly your friend, (depending on how wild you got) will hate you.   Bintang is the cheapest thing to drink on the whole island, so I know that you will pick up a bottle (or 20). Just know that you have been warned.

  3. The Crazy Tide

This one's a bit self explanatory, but something people often forget about (myself and a bag of snacks included). Just because it all looks cool and calm 3 meters away,  the tide will come out of nowhere and sweep EVERYTHING into the salty abyss. 

We were lucky enough to only lose our bag of snacks. Kat and I take our snack game very seriously. Very seriously. Moral of the story, keep your belongings close. You could be like the few poor unfortunate souls who lost a lot more. Poseidon doesn't mess around.

4) Monkeys (AKA Tiny Gangsters)

Monkey aka Tiny Gangster - Kitty Gang Travel

When you see photos of these fuzzy primates that closely resemble your Aunt June, and you’re thinking “they’re so cute”. WRONG. They are tiny gangsters. They will steal something from you and offer it back in exchange for food. 

If you’re lucky and they like what you have to trade, you will have your item returned with minimal damage done. If not, you can kiss those sunnies, earings, camera, bags etc. goodbye. 

The most important thing that no one tells you about is how soft their hands are. You are getting hissed at and robbed by a tiny soft handed version of Aunt June that will bite you in order to get that banana. 

5) The Locals will steal your heart 

If you are unfortunate enough to be staying in a fancy resort hotel, you need to get out. NOW. Immersing yourself with the locals in their settings will give you more feels then I can even begin to describe. 

I have never felt safer then when I was invited into an elderly woman's home to pray after a cremation ceremony. I felt safe sitting on the beach drinking Bintang with a group of rowdy local kids.  

I felt safe walking up and down the beach after dark attempting to count all the stars I can see. The community firmly believes in Karma and Dharma. When they are helping you, they are genuinely helping, and are not looking for anything in return.

I have a friend who was in a scooter accident that required surgery and hospital time. She voices that the doctors, nurses and caregivers were some of the most attentive and thorough that she has ever dealt with.

I strongly advise you to get out of the resorts and villas and immerse yourself in the history, culture, and community. You’ll meet some amazing people, and if you’re lucky you might just learn a few things about yourself too!

Kitty Gang in Bali - Local driver

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